Centre for Research and Promotion of Cultural Heritage HeriTag 

HeriTag Centre is non-governmental and non-profit heritage organization. We are dedicated to research, interpretation, and promotion of local cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. Advocating a participatory approach in the process of defining, preserving and presenting local cultural heritage, we open a space for the dialogue between past and present, between communities and heritage, in order to protect and promote cultural identity of the places and people living in them. Using digital technologies, we discover new interactive and creative ways to interpret the heritage of local communities in order to increase its attractiveness, as well as the accessibility of cultural content to the broader public. Our most important goals are: raising awareness about the importance of cultural heritage for the sustainable local development, encouraging the participation of citizens in cultural activities, education in the field of cultural heritage, encouraging intercultural dialogue, encouraging the development of cultural tourism, encouraging regional and international cooperation in the field of culture.


Dušanka Gojić, Art Historian and Manager of Cultural Heritage

Gordana Milanović, Art Historian and Manager of Cultural Heritage

Jovana Fuštar, Art Historian

Mira Čonkič, Art Historian